Mad Science experiment ends in newsroom covered in toilet paper


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — FOX4’s Mark Alford, a leaf blower and a roll of toilet paper. What’s the worst that could happen?

In a morning show segment with Mad Science, a science learning enrichment program, Jetpack Jason demonstrated Bernoulli’s principle. The principle states that a fluid has less pressure the faster it is moving. Commonly applied to flight, the principle explains how air foils help planes fly.

The demonstration didn’t involve aircraft, but Alford certainly let it fly. With a leaf blower in hand and a roll of toilet paper on a stick, the speed of the air soon had toilet paper raining down across the newsroom!

“Fly free!” Alford shouted, grinning with power. “You know, there’s people who have been coveting toilet paper for a long time, and they are cursing the TV right now.”

Watch the segment in the video player above, and see more experiments on the Mad Science website.

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