Nebraska Furniture Mart to allow employees, customers to carry guns

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Beginning this summer, Nebraska Furniture Mart will start letting customers who have a conceal and carry permit carry guns while they shop.

According to the Omaha World Herald, the store will also begin arming some of its security staff with handguns. But first, they will be required to undergo extensive training in the use of force and gun safety. In addition, all employees will go through a full background check before being hired.

Bob Batt, executive and vice president, said the new measures are in response to changing times.

“Times have changed,” Batt said in an interview with the Omaha World Herald. “You look at college campuses, retail establishments. … We only have one mission here, and that’s the safety of the staff and customers. We’re sending a message that we will not tolerate any bad behavior.”

The superstore plans to take down the “No Weapons Allowed” signs at its two locations, in Kansas City and Omaha, in about 50 days.



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