New exhibit from Australia in Museum at Prairiefire features life before dinosaurs

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Some strange creatures roamed the earth in the time before dinosaurs.

That is the topic of a new exhibit now open at the Museum at Prairiefire.

Called Permain Monsters, kids can learn about the animals that walked the earth 290 million years ago.

This interactive exhibit came from Australia and explains a time not many people are familiar with.

For instance, did you know these creatures are more related to mammals than reptiles?

And they all disappeared after the largest mass extinction in the history of our planet – all due to global warming.

“Percent of everything that was living went extinct at that time,” Museum at Prairiefire Executive Director Kathryn McKinney said. “There was a volcanic eruption that lasted two million years and all of the gases, all of the changes that happened in the ecosystem because of that eruption caused this gigantic extinction.

This exhibit is open through June at the Museum at Prairiefire at 135th and Nall in Overland Park.

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