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Sometimes you can't seem to lose weight, no matter how you try. It's important to eat right and exercise, but other things can affect the hormones that control our weigh​t.  Nutritionist Leigh Wagner from KU Integrative Medicine talks about some of those and how to address them.  Two of the biggest problems are endocrine-disrupting chemicals and sleep problems.

Several chemicals in our food, water and environment are similar in structure to hormones and disrupt the body's endocrine system.

Examples are pesticides, perchlorate in water, PFCs in nonstick cookware, BPA/phthalates in plasticware and mercury in fish.  Here are tips to avoid these.
--Buy organic produce when you can and drink filtered water whenever possible.

--Use ceramic, glass or stainless steel pots and pans when possible. If you use nonstick cookware, make sure to never scratch it because the chemicals in the nonstick coating will leach into your food.

--Use glass containers to store food and never heat your food in plastic containers if at all possible.  Heat released chemicals from the plastic into food.

--Commit to getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night.  Stop all screen time and avoid food/drink an hour before bed. This will help you relax so you can fall asleep and avoid disrupting sleep from digestion or bathroom breaks.

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