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Pork N’ Mindy’s Award Winning Pulled Pork

1. 10+ lb. pork butt
2.  Allow meat to come to room temp
3. Trim excess fat & pat dry
4. Generously apply your favorite rub (we use a combination of salt, paprika, black pepper, sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, etc.). You are looking for a combination of sweet, salt with hint of heat
5. Add hot charcoal to smoker or indirect heat on grill and keep heat at 225
6. Add wood to smoker (we prefer a combination of oak and hickory-we continue to add wood throughout the smoking process
7. Place butt on smoker fat side up
8. Spray periodically with apple juice to keep moist.
9. When pork has reached internal temp of approx $160-165, remove, mop with sauce, double wrap with foil and return to smoker
10. Pull from smoker and mop juices or au jus. Add squeeze butter and wrap in foil.
11. After approx 2-4 additional hours remove from smoker
12. let the meat rest in a warm dry cooler in foil for 1-2 hours
13. Pull the pork apart by hand.
14. Remove the “money muscle” and slice
15. Add your favorite BBQ sauce
16. Serve
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