KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Making a successful tailgate happen is not an easy task. You need the perfect meal, the music and a tent.

Danny and Kevin Ritz from the “State Your Line” Podcast join the FOX4 Morning show to talk about their four favorite aspects of tailgating at Arrowhead Stadium before a Chiefs game.

“The first thing that I love about tailgating is getting out of there with like a NASCAR pit mentality,” Kevin Ritz said.

He points out it’s key to get to the stadium, have a plan and get your tailgate set up as quickly as possible, just like a NASCAR pit crew changes a tire.

The Ritz’ also love the wanderers that can be found in the Arrowhead parking lots.

“They’re walking around with like a pizza box, possibly like a grocery bag, some beer, saying ‘hey, can I have some cooler space?” Kevin Ritz said.

They also say there are certain people you only see at a tailgate. That’s your tailgate family. It’s that family that will help you take jabs at fans from the other team.

“Just giving them some friendly boos. We’re not out there to cause enemies, to cause fights, just friendly booing them,” Danny Ritz said.

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