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While there may no longer be an official “Border War” between MU and KU, we have our own “Border War” going on here at Fox 4. Tensions are high on the 9 am show as basketball season kicks off this weekend. Tonight, KU kicks off the basketball season taking on Southeast Missouri State at home. Tomorrow, Mizzou will take on SIUE at home. Anchor Kim Byrnes is a proud Kansas Jayhawk. Meteorologist Michelle Bogowith is a proud Missouri Tiger.

So here is the bet… At the halfway point of the basketball season – for Mizzou this will be January 12 at Ole Miss and for KU this will be January 12 at Texas Tech – Whoever has the better record (15 games in), the loser MUST go to the winners home court for a basketball game. As if that isn’t enough torture for the loser, they also MUST dress in clothing provided by the winner and cheer at the game for the team they just love to hate.

The stakes are high, reputations are on the line. One person will go home a winner, one will be dragging their tail(feathers) between their legs in shame. Whose side are you on… Team Byrnes or Team Bogo?