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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Health blogger Jenn Marasco joined FOX 4 for “Get Moving Mondays.” Marasco said there are many exercises that can be done at work to help you stay fit. While on the show, Marasco demonstrated four workout techniques.

tricep dip
Tricep dips can be done on almost any chair at work. Just be sure that you don’t use a chair with wheels.
Looking to tone up those lower abs? Simply place a water bottle between your knees and draw your knees to your chest. Try to keep a straight back to get the most out of your workout.
plank with glute lift
Tighten and tone with a plank and glute lift. Make sure you use a sturdy chair to prevent injuries.
Squats are great to tone up the legs. Opt for either a simple squat or alternate moving your feet in an out for an added bonus.