What’s on the menu? Karli Ritter tastes Icelandic cuisine

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REYKJAVÍK, Iceland -- When Americans think of European cuisines, most instantly think the rich flavors of French, Italian, or Greek. But on her trip to Iceland, FOX4's Karli Ritter got to see what the northern island nation has to offer.

Icelanders enjoy a wide variety of fish, prepared in every way from fried, to pickled, to dried jerky. Iceland imports much of its meat, but raises quite a bit of lamb, making it quite common to find on Icelandic menus.

Karli even embraced her inner viking and ate one of Iceland's traditional (and infamous) foods: the fermented shark. Karli had to admit, it wasn't for her, but when in Rome (or Reykjavík)...

Other common Iceland foods are skyr -- a traditional Iceland yogurt -- and pylsur -- the Icelandic hot dog, and a favorite of locals.

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