Winter weather safety precautions for kids


Playing in the snow!!

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The snow has stopped falling, but there’s still lots of snow of the ground–much of it in huge piles several feet high on the sides of the roads.

These snow piles can be safety hazards to children while traveling to and from the bus stop or to school because they have the potential to decrease children’s visibility.

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Here are some tips to pass along to your children so they can stay safe until the snow melts.

1) Tell them to walk around, not on the snow piles. They should walk on the side closest to the sidewalk, not on the street.

2) Children should stay at least 10 feet from the street at all times.

3) Wear bright colored clothing, so they can be easily spotted by drivers while walking.

4) Wear boots with traction to avoid slipping on ice on the sidewalk.

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