WyCo resident pays it forward to couple running pandemic relief org from their home


WYANDOTTE COUNTY, Kan. — Community-driven group Wyandotte Angels was started by a husband and wife. It’s an organization of people who help with food, clothing, family items and more. When the pandemic hit, this couple responded with help.

“These friends here in Wyandotte County that do so much, so much for our community, and I just want to say appreciation to them for doing all they do,” resident Brenda Bush said.

What began two months ago as a community grass roots effort now has more than 920 members helping people in Wyandotte County. Jalynda and Martin Cervantes manage this massive undertaking out of their own home.

“They’re such a mentor to any person in need. They’re always willing to help. They go the extra mile for everyone.”

That includes mentoring her nephew.

“When the pandemic started… since there wasn’t enough food pantries and things for people here in Wyandotte County, they are the ones implemented this program,” Bush said. “They don’t take any money, they just take donations whether it’s food, furniture, clothing, anything to help people.”

When the Cervantes couple got the money, they told FOX4 that it would go toward groceries from Price Chopper.

See the presentation of the $400 gift card and the reactions from everyone involved in the video embedded in this story.

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