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You probably don’t give much thought to how you sleep. But research shows your body position could reflect your personality. According to body language expert Robert Phipps, there are four positions that people most commonly use when sleeping.

Fetal: The most common sleep position. Fetal sleepers curl up in a ball. It reflects a person who is conscientious and ordered, but also over-analyzes and worries too much. Research says the more someone curls up, the more comfort they seek.

Log: These sleepers keep a straight body with arms by their sides. They’re usually stubborn and to others can seem bossy and aloof.

Yearners: Sleepers of this position sleep on their side with their arms stretched out in front. This person is either living to chase their dreams or they always feel like they’re being chased.

Freefall: Stomach sleepers. They sleep on their bellies with their arms at right angles or outstretched. People who sleep in this position are people who lack control over their lives and are doing their best to hang on.

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