Zip Trip: Four places you have to stop at during a trip to Weston

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WESTON, Mo. --- If you are looking for a fun day trip in the Kansas City area to take with your family, look no further than Weston, Missouri.

This historic town dates back to Lewis and Clark, who came through the area in 1804. Weston used to be the final town many pioneers would stop in to gather supplies before heading out into the country “West-On”.

It’s thrived all these years to become a fun bed-and-breakfast community with unique bars, plenty of wine and lots of music.

If you visit, there are four places you must-see. The first is the Holladay Distillery. It's right outside of town.

The first must-see stop is the Holladay Distillery

Ben Holladay founded the distillery in 1856. At that same time, he owned the largest stagecoach company in the United States.

He and his brother discovered some the limestone springs in the area were perfect for making whiskey – whiskey better than that made in Kentucky.

"We have over 160 years of history," Holladay Distillery employee Jordan Germano said. “We’ve actually been recognized by the Kansas City business journal as the oldest continually operating business in the Kansas City area. There is so, so much to see out here. anything from our water source all the way to how we make our product to where we bottle it.”

They recently opened an event space on the grounds for free liquor tasting, and they give tours of their facility. They stopped making bourbon years ago but recently resumed the process with the original recipe, hoping to begin sell bottles of it real soon.

Stop number two is Weston's Red Barn Farm

Another must-see is Weston’s Red Barn Farm. For thirty years families have been going there to learn about agriculture and farm animals. They have horses, cows, chickens, pigs and other animals, and they harvest apples and pumpkins in the fall.

“Kids don’t get a lot of information about agriculture this generation, and it’s fun to share it with folks,” owner Steve Frey said. “There aren’t a lot of grandma type farms you can go visit, and so this gives them a chance to put what they’re learning to read with what’s here, so we have a lot of families come out to the farm.”

The third must-see stop on the list the Green Dirt Farm.

Many families also love visiting the Green Dirt Farm . For the last eleven years, the owners have been milking sheep on a farm in Weston. It’s one of the only farms in the United States that milks sheep, and they make cheese with it.

That type of sheep cheese is very popular in Europe but is very rare in the United States.

A tour of the creamery costs $15, and it includes tasting the eight different types of sheep cheese they make at their creamery. They also have a restaurant where you can swing by for a bite to eat.

The fourth must-see stop is O'Malley's underground pub.

And one of the most unique places to visit is O’Malley’s Pub. Connected to the Weston Brewing Company, O’Malley’s is one of the only underground pubs in the entire nation. Back in 1842 they fermented beer in the underground limestone cave because the temperature stayed a constant 55-degrees. Today, they use it as a pub, and musicians from all over the world come here to play. The owner says he loves living in Weston.

“Weston is one of those towns where there just aren’t many places left that are like it,” Michael Coakley said. “Small town. Bucolic. We have our nice little main street. A great place to raise kids. We’ve kind of stopped in time in some ways and it’s really hard to get that back, so a super special place.”



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