Zip Trip: FOX4 travels 30 minutes north to local lake town with lots of fun and history to offer

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SMITHVILLE, Mo. — The quiet town of Smithville, Missouri, just 30 minutes north of downtown Kansas City, is filled with a long and proud history.

“[It] starts back with the Meso Indians,” Katherine Stafford of the Smithville Historical Society said. “They [lived] in the area about 10 ,000 years ago, and congregated around the Little Platte River.”

In 1822, Humphrey and Nancy Smith migrated from New York to the area that is now knows as Smithville. Humphrey Smith started the first water-powered mill in Clay County, and by 1930, the town’s site was laid out and Smith’s Mill became Smithville.

Over the years, people have been migrating to Smithville for its small town feel, great schools, and a life away from the hustle-and-bustle of Kansas City.

“I like that small town feel,” Stafford said. “It’s quiet, you don’t hear a lot of sirens, and you have the lake. My children love it, and everybody’s nice.”

Now the town is filled with life and energy. The historic façade remains the same, but the inside is filled with modern shops and restaurants. Just a short trip away is Smithville Lake which is filled with many outdoor activities and entertainment options, like golf, Frisbee golf, boating, and swimming.

The next time you’re looking to Zip Out of town for a weekend, go hungry, go ready for fun, and go see all that Smithville has to offer.

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