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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — If you’re heading out to Legends Field for a Monarchs game (or KC NWSL match), but you don’t know what to expect or what’s in store, we have you covered.

Here’s FOX4 Matt Stewart’s four must-sees for anyone going out to the ball game.

Legends Field Team Store

The first thing you must do when you arrive at Legends Field is stop by the team store to get some brand-new Monarchs gear.

Over their 42 year history in the Negro Leagues, the Monarchs had all kinds of look. This re-branded team decided to create a new symbol with a classic look as a way to harken back to the 1920’s. That’s when the team first formed. The cardinal and navy colors are the same as when the Monarchs played at old Municipal Stadium.

A portion of all merchandise sales goes back to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum at 18th and Vine, so when you buy this gear, you know you’re supporting an important part of baseball history.

Negro Leagues history

And that history is showcased inside the stadium. Make sure you stop and read the placards showcasing former great Negro League players, like Satchell Paige.

Team owner Mark Brandmeyer chose to recreate the Kansas City Monarchs from the T-Bones as a way to revive this historic name and keep these great stories at the forefront. It’s a great way to remind younger generations how a group of Black ballplayers banded together during a time of segregation and blazed a trail for future Black athletes to succeed today.

Beer Park

Speaking of supporting local brands, you’ll want to stop by the Beer Park in right field to get a cold one made from a local craft brewery. Six different craft brewers sell their beers here during the games.

KC Daiquiri Shop also sells their colorful and tasty frozen alcoholic treats. It‘s all about teaming up with other local companies, and it gives small local brewers an opportunity to showcase their beers to an audience they might not normally reach.

Legends Club

Once you have a beer in hand, it’s time to find your seat. Sure, you can sit outside in the bleachers for five dollars. The other seats range from $15-to-$25 dollars.

But if you really want to splurge, you can sit in the Legends Club. For $45, you get a seat and you can visit the al-you-can-eat buffet. Not only that, but if it’s a really hot day, you can escape to the air conditioner inside.

If you do these four must-sees, it’d be hard not to have a ball at the ballpark.