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LEAVENWORTH COUNTY, Kan. — If you’re heading out to Next to Nature Farm but don’t know what to expect or what’s in store, we have you covered.

Here’s FOX4 Kathy Quinn’s four must-sees for anyone going to see the bees.

Butterfly house

The focus is on bees, but you have to butterflies also because bees and butterflies are two of the most important pollinators of our ecosystem. A full-lifecycle butterfly house on the property is filled with gorgeous species.

You learn about these wonderful creatures, and you can come in and sit down and even let them land on you! The bees and butterflies, they go together.

Observation bee hive

The indoor observation shows bees actively making honey in a glass hive. Honey is the only humans consume that comes from an insect.

It’s incredible to be able to watch them and see all the work that they do in a 4-6 week lifespan. You can watch them as they go. A worker bee can actually carry a load of nectar and pollen equal to 80% of its body weight.

Honey tasting bar

You have to belly up to the bar at the only honey tasting bar in the state of Kansas.

FOX4’s Kathy Quinn got to try two of the different honeys: one that was mixed with elderberries and one that was cinnamon-infused.

There are more than 40 different kinds of honey from all across the country and the world, including the Amazon. You won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Next to Nature gift shop

Before you head out the door, stop in and check out the Next to Nature gift shop. From homemade pickles and jams to beeswax-based healing salves. Not for you? Try the new kombucha or maybe some peanut butter cream honey.

By shopping in the store, you support 14 local vendors.