Four must-see stops at Lakeside Nature Center

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Featured during FOX4’s Zip Trip to Lakeside Nature Center, be sure to see these four spots:

The Center

Majestic bald eagles are just some of the many animals at the Lakeside Nature Center, and it is why it’s our first and most important must see.

You can get up close and personal with the various wildlife that can be found across the state of Missouri.

Adorable creatures of the ground greet you near the entrance, but as you make your way deeper into the Nature Center, you will come across imposing birds of prey, as well as several species of eye-catching amphibians.

If snakes and frogs aren’t your cup of tea – there are also some larger mammals on site such as Cody the Coyote. Best of all, you can see Cody and all of his friends for free.

Raptor Exhibit

As you make your way through the Nature Center, you will be greeted by more than a dozen raptor ambassadors such as Paco, the red-tailed hawk.

Paco and his friends are on display next door to Cody.

Each bird has a unique look and story as to how they found their way to the Nature Center.

Thousands of animals are brought to the Nature Center. Many of the raptors suffered injuries to their wings and are unable to fly or survive in the wild.

Here – they are fed and looked after around the clock. And you can learn about each of them.

Pollinator Beds

Don’t mind the bumblebees, they are meant to be here as are these pollinator beds because you can enjoy this next must see going in or leaving the Nature Center.

Nature extends beyond creatures with four legs – fangs – or wings. That is on full display at the entrance of the Nature Center.

You can see and smell the pollinator beds and other gardens throughout the area.

Really connect with the outdoors through the vegetation that helps support the various animals within the Nature Center.

Walking Trails

The Lakeside – Fox Hollow – and Lakeside’s Marsh Nature Trails are open from dawn to dusk.

Whether you want to go on a guided hike or take yourself – there is plenty of space to stretch your legs while taking in the outdoors.

No matter your level – these trails are designed to accommodate you in your search to connect with nature.

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