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PARKVILLE, Mo. — Nestled next to the limestone bluffs along the Missouri River is historic downtown Parkville, a short 15 minute drive from downtown Kansas City. The town got its start and its name more than 180 years ago, thanks to George S. Park.

“We believe he came here around 1839 and he purchased the riverfront area, which is where some boats were at the time, and bought the whole area known as ‘Old Parkville,’” historian Carolyn Elwess said.  

Walking down Main Street, you’ll likely step into one of the original buildings from Parkville’s earliest days.

“It’s the Parkville coffee shop and it’s very popular. It’s built of limestone and it’s been various businesses over the years, including a grocery store, among other things. So that’s an 1840s constructed building,” Elwess said.

The shopping and restaurant district is a mix of old and new, with everything from trendy boutiques to antiques.

“I can tell you a lot of people drive down the street, they want to see the old quaint houses, and want to come downtown, and they do,” Elwess said.

While the storefronts have changed over the years, one thing remains the same.

“It’s maintained a lot of its flavor, it’s old flavor,” Elwess said of the historic town.