Top 4 Kansas City murals to capture a perfect, free souvenir

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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Kansas City’s mural scene is something you can’t miss, even if you tried. Across the city, talented artists have used blank walls in alleys and parking lots to display their work, creating an urban gallery with something new to see around every corner.

With so many murals to choose from, we’re focusing on those that celebrate Kansas City. These are the spots to take your friends when they visit, because these are the most affordable souvenirs every visitor can cherish long after they’ve left.


Top level of a garage at 18th and Main Streets / Created by Cara Bereberet

You’ll need to do a little climbing to get to this iconic mural. It’s on top of a parking garage, but you can park along Main Street and take the 5 flights of stairs to see it. It’s a simple hashtag, but says a lot about our town.

Kansas City I’m So In Love

20th and McGee Street / Created by Ruthie Ozonoff

This mural actually gained fame in a different location, but has since moved to a new spot. The relocated mural is now on the side of the Imagine That! building and still has fans flocking to get a picture.

Greetings from Kansas City

81st and State Line / Created by Whitney Kerr

No need to buy a post card, when you can snap a picture of this creation. The Greetings from Kansas City mural on the side of a Subway restaurant is the perfect souvenir of the city. Each letter features a different piece of the city we love from 18th and Vine and to the Liberty Memorial.

Love Kansas City

Washington Street and Southwest Boulevard / Created by D. Ross ‘Scribe’

Be careful as this mural is at a busy intersection, but it’s worth the stop. The vibrant colors just pop off the dark walls and each letter tells a piece of the story of what makes Kansas City such an amazing city.

Honorable Mentions

Located off Southwest Boulevard / Created by Rif Raf Giraffe

You’ll find this mural on the west side as you’re driving down Southwest Boulevard. You will actually get six murals in one when you visit this work of art.

Near 18th and Main

If you’ve made the trek to see our top choice, the #KCLoves mural, then this honorable mention is only a few steps away on the side of the Gallup Map Company building.



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