Top 4 skateboarding parks to practice your skills around Kansas City

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Kansas City has a perfect skate park to try out new tricks or practice old skills. Grab your board and your safety gear and check out our top 4 skate parks!

#4 Overland Park Skate Park at Switzer Park

You’ll find this skate park nestled among the soccer fields at Switzer and 135th Street. This is a park that’s friendly to all levels of skill.

It’s a cool little park with a metal-edged curb. The only park on our list with a curb. Try out the fun little bank surrounded by transition walls, plus a small flatbar and low ledges. The bowl, sadly, is worthless.

#3 Pierson Skate Park

Kansas City, Kansas is the home to this skate park at 1800 S 55th St. All skate times are friendly to beginner, intermediate and advanced riders. It’s a fun little park with a great layout and a really nice hip and a mini ramp.

#2 Harrison Street DIY

Head on over to 5th Street and Harrison for this skate park, but don’t expect any frills as this is a park built by and for skaters. Intermediate to advanced riders will like it most. Definitely not beginner friendly.

Hand built by skaters on land loaned from the city, it has a creative flow of transition into a few street obstacles. Skaters poured the concrete themselves and you can see where new additions are currently in the building phase. It features mostly transition skateboarding. If you’d like to help with the project, you can donate to The Harrison Street DIY Facebook page to help buy concrete.

#1 Penn Valley Skate Park

You’ll find this skate park tucked behind the BMA building off of 31st Street. If you ever just want to watch the real professionals skate, this is the place to catch them.

This is the epicenter of the Kansas City skate scene. It has a bowl and a street course that was donated from Street League. Mornings tend to work better for beginners, if you’d like to try it. Advanced to pro riders will show up after 1 p.m. and it can get competitive. 

Honorable Mention

“The Slabs” at Gillham Park – If you head over to 39th and Gillham, you’ll find a stepped city fountain and pool that was closed down. This is definitely a skate at your own risk location. It has a smorgasbord of ledges, gaps and manual pads. Made of a very gritty cement, it will not hesitate to tear skin. It is a board eater but also a Kansas City tradition. Bring a broom to sweep for broken glass. Real Street.



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