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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The next time you visit Parkville, FOX4 has a couple of places you can detour to and round out your trip.

The first is Chicken N Pickle in North Kansas City, and the second is the TWA Museum in Kansas City.

Chicken N Pickle is an entertainment complex unlike any other.

“We really tried to become a place where we are about the community and the people that we serve rather than just being a sports facility or restaurant,” managing partner Bill Crooks said.

The complex houses eight pickleball courts, outdoor lawn games, and a fast-casual restaurant featuring…. chicken.

“Occasionally we just have pop-up stuff. We’ll have a food truck pull in through the gates that will serve some ice cream and we’ll bring in some chefs from around the United States that will set up food stations,” Crooks explained.

You can reserve a pickleball court, but you better hurry, they fill up fast.

“We reserve up to two weeks in advance. We are going to change that a little bit this summer,” Crooks said.

“We are going to keep some courts and prime time spots open until 72 hours ahead of time to get some other people opportunities that want to come and play.”

Only seven minutes away, you’ll find the TWA Museum at the Downtown Airport.

“I love TWA. It was a wonderful career for me, and it was a wonderful adventure for my family.” Judy Gerling told FOX4.

The museum took flight in 2013, bringing the story of Trans World Airlines to life in the city where it all began.

“Kansas City and TWA have a really strong history together. We’re working really hard to improve and showcase that history and how intertwined we are historically, economically, and how an important role we played in the growth of Kansas City and how proud we are of that,” Gerling said.

TWA was a leader in air travel from 1930 to 2001. The museum houses a wide array of artifacts from that time.

“There’s something special about each one. We have our models here. And there is a story about these models that’s very interesting,” Gerling described.

“And then we have a showcase with all the flights we took with the popes. We have a very special room that honors Flight 800 and all the other accidents we’ve had and all of those people.”

The TWA Museum is open Wednesday through Saturday to people of all ages.

“If it’s a group then we do need a reservation, so we have enough staffing to take care of everybody,” Gerling said.