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In downtown Lee’s Summit, Embers Candle Bar is burning bright.  

“Downtown Lee’s Summit is phenomenal. We love being part of this community. It really is a very cool community. Pretty much every single restaurant and shop down here are locally owned, and you really get the locally owned flavor while you’re here,” said Shara Derks, co-owner of Embers Candle Bar.

Embers Candle Bar is a pour-you-own custom candle shop that has been sparking business since 2018.  

“You can come here to our shop and we have over 60 scents for you to choose from. You get to choose some of your favorite scents, you get to mix and blend them together, choose the jar that you like best, and we we’ll help you build your own custom candle,” said Derks, 

“It doesn’t usually take much more than a half hour unless you’ve got a big group of people. But it does take a little bit of time to set up, so usually anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours.  That’s why we love being in downtown Lee’s Summit. You can come here and make your candle, go grab lunch, go grab drinks, go shop around at some of the local shops, and when you’re finished having a fun day, you can come back and your candle is ready to go.”

Visit its website to reserve your spot.

About 15 minutes away, in Kansas City, Missouri, Longview Lake boasts 930 acres of water fun. A full-service marina on property offers boat rentals and fishing supplies seven days a week.  

“Longview is absolutely known as a fisherman’s lake. In the winter, we do dock fishing here. All of the coves, there are some really nice spots around the lake, for all different types of fish,” said Brian Nowotny, Deputy Director of Park Operations. 

“We work with the Missouri Department of Conservation to manage the fishery habitat so we know we have a good healthy variety for the fishermen. Whether they like to fish for bass or crappie, there’s all kinds of different fish in this lake.”

A cruise around the lake provides breathtaking views of the landscape, as well as views of the Fred Arbanas Golf Course and the beach.  

“One of the only beaches in all of the Kansas City area. You don’t have to go to the coast. You can come here to Longview and enjoy the beach,” said Nowotny.

Make your trip to Longview Lake a staycation. The campground has 88 campsites with full access to everything the lake has to offer, including biking and walking trails. Visit this website for more information and links to special events.