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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – If you’re headed to Higginsville, there are some fun detours you can also check out in nearby Lexington.

On the outskirts, you’ll find a hidden gem called Fahrmeier Farms.

“We’ve tried to create a family atmosphere where people feel like they can come to the farm and pick some strawberries, blackberries and get a pumpkin in the fall,” Bret Fahrmeier said.

The seasonal “u-pick” farm prides itself on offering families a positive agriculture experience, from their fields to your kitchen table.

“We also raise beef, from the pasture all the way to finished. We also grow vegetables,” Fahrmeier said.

“We’ve got greenhouse tomatoes and we’ve got live herbs and vegetables. Basically, we grow things that are useful.”

There’s also some fun on the farm for the kids.

“The kids also like the zip line and the slides and the chickens,” Fahrmeier said.

Staying in Lexington, Big River Ranch is another family-friendly destination.

“When you come through the gate, it’s just like being in a different world. It’s relaxing. I’ve had people travel through here who say they’re just going to stay the night and then they stay for three days,” Marlin Harrison said.

The ranch spans 2,100 acres, making it the ultimate location for horse boarding, riding lessons and more.

“We do trail rides, we do weddings, birthday parties, pretty much anything you want to do out here. If you want to bring carrots, apples or whatever, you’re more than welcome. If you want to just come out and eat a sack lunch or dinner or just come out and see the horses, you’re more than welcome,” Harrison said.

The ranch also offers campsites with water and electric hookups for those who want to stay a little longer.

“You can bring your own campers and stuff. I have bunk houses here. I have four inside the building and we’ve got one on the outside. We charge $50 a night. Nothing special, but it’s a place to get away if you just want to relax,” Harrison said.