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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Andrew Potter opened his first RoKC location in North Kansas City in 2016. Now he has three locations, with the most recent in Olathe, opening in 2020.

When you go to RoKC, be sure to check out these four “must-sees.”

1. Wall: 

What’s a climbing gym without a great wall? The wall accommodates first-timers and experienced climbers preparing for the real deal.

Each section of the wall is designed to challenge climbers in various ways. The routes are changed out every couple of months to keep things fresh.

There’s no age limit, and you can climb on your own with the auto-belays designed to bring you to the ground safely.

2. Bouldering Wall:

If the wall is a marathon, think of the bouldering wall as a sprint.

The shorter walls don’t require ropes or harness and are great places to challenge yourself or a friend looking to shake up the climb.

The bouldering wall can help you build the confidence and technique to move onto the larger walls.

Or if you just want a space for your kids to burn a lot of energy, this area is for you.

3. Gym:

Inside the gym, you’ll find another gym.  

This is more of a traditional setting for those wanting to get in a workout or for those wanting build the strength to climb more effectively.

From dumbbells to squat racks and everything in between, the RoKC gym has what you need to get a great sweat in whether you decide to climb or not.

There are two levels to the gym. Upstairs is the cardio area with climbing specific equipment and a programmable hydraulic climbing wall to really feed your rock climbing goals.

4. Café:

Our fourth must-see, you can enjoy whether you had a good or bad day on the wall is Apogee.

Working in partnership with RoKC, Apogee is a destination unto itself.

With plenty of beer, coffee and meal options, this café helps make sure you won’t go without if you decide to spend your entire day at the gym.