KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As many of you know, now is the time for health insurance open enrollment. But for many families right here in Kansas City, this time is marked with nerves and flat-out uncertainty.

But a local organization is doing its best to change that by helping families get the coverage they need.

Thousands of people walk through the doors of the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center day in and day out.

Many of whom pick this health center because it’s the only place they feel heard.

One of those people, Leo DeLeon – who for the past two years has relied on this place – to help him secure the health insurance he and his family desperately need. In fact, something DeLeon knows they can’t live without.

‘It’s only a phone call away, it’s only just a talk here and there, fill out some info there you go,” DeLeon said. “Your health matters first of all – second you there have to be some kind of safety something to help you out.”

While COVID-19 raged people on Medicaid were not forced to have their annual renewals.

The Rodgers center says those have started back up this year – kicking more than 109.000 people in Missouri off of Medicaid including 52,000 kids according to the health center.

That number on top of the thousands who are already just not insured.

That’s where Jim Torres and his team of health care counselors introduce themselves.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people are losing health insurance coverage right now. Children do better when they have their health insurance, they can get their immunizations, they can get their preventive care” Jim Torres the program manager at the Sameul U. Rodgers Health Center said.

They’re helping people get back on Medicaid. As well as helping those who aren’t eligible for that apply to the open market.

“Everyone regardless of your color, religion, where you can from deserve the right to have access to quality, affordable healthcare,” Torres said.

The work not easy, but absolutely vital, especially for the underprivileged communities that Torres and his team mainly help. Groups that traditionally have had more health care needs, but many times lack the appropriate coverage.

FOX4 asked Torres “if you could say something to someone who doesn’t have health insurance right now – what would you say?” His response, “there are a lot of good options, new options and it’s time to act now.”

If you need help making sure you’re insured, click here.