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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Eleven local residents were recently indicted in a $1.7 million drug conspiracy, along with possessing illegal firearms, federal officials say.

A federal grand jury charged 31-year-old Kamel Elburki, 37-year-old Ashley Clevenger, 23-year-old Edward Alberty Jr., 36-year-old Rachel Simpson, 35-year-old Daniel Ruiz, and 30-year-old Matthew Fabulae, all of Kansas City, Missouri; 27-year-old Cory Jobe, of Independence; 25-year-old Tayler Jones, of Liberty; 23-year-old Ashley Fries, of Riverside; 23-year-old Justin Ramirez, of Bolivar; and 39-year-old Richard Saettone II, address unknown, in a 22-count indictment.

Federal prosecutors for the Western District of Missouri said the suspects allegedly conspired to distribute 150 kilograms of methamphetamine and 10 kilograms of heroin from January 2017-December 2019.

They were also allegedly participating in a money laundering conspiracy, and officials seized 77 illegal firearms during their investigation. Among those firearms, 69 of them came from Daniel Ruiz’s home, officials said.

One of the suspects, Matthew Fabulae, is accused in at least two shootings, officials said.

He was arrested in February when he fled police and drove into opposing traffic. After driving off the road, he allegedly ran from his vehicle and police found him hiding in a dumpster. Court records say he was carrying meth and had tried to discard a backpack with cocaine, marijuana and even more meth.

If convicted, the 11 suspects would be required to forfeit any proceeds they made from the alleged drug trafficking conspiracy, which includes a money judgment of about $1.75 million.