11-year-old born in Vietnam donates $1,000 to North KC school to thank her teachers

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GLADSTONE, Mo. — Imagine you’re 11 years old, and you’ve saved up more than $1,000 dollars from chores, odd-jobs, good grades and birthday money.

What would you do with that loot, if you were 11? Video games? A new smartphone? Maybe a shopping spree?

If the 11-year-old is Anh Ngo in the North Kansas City School District, the answer is simple: you donate every penny to the people who made you believe you could do anything.

“I love these teachers so much,” Anh Ngo said about the faculty and staff at Chapel Hill Elementary.

Ngo moved on to sixth grade this fall, but she still felt compelled to donate $1,025 to Chapel Hill Elementary, the school that helped welcome her to America.

The preteen was born in Vietnam and moved to the United States with her parents as a toddler. She enrolled at Chapel Hill in the second grade.

“She didn’t understand English at all when she came to Chapel Hill,” Sapphire Ngo, Anh’s mother, said. “The Chapel Hill staff and teachers helped her a lot.”

Anh not only conquered the language barrier — she quickly assimilated and excelled in North Kansas City’s gifted program.

“If anything, she inspires me to how I want my daughter to be one day,” Anh’s third grade teacher, Stephanie Hogue, said.

Anh’s generous donation is being used to help equip an innovation lab at Chapel Hill that allows students to explore a wide range of activities, from robotics to broadcasting.

“Why not donate this money to Chapel Hill?” Anh said. “They’ve done a lot for me, so I have to do something for them in return.”

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