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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 12-year-old boy killed outside a Leavenworth pharmacy is remembered as an outgoing student who loved to make other people laugh.

Brian Henderson Jr. was shot to death last Wednesday while running errands with his sister in Leavenworth. Two people were charged with felony murder in connection to Henderson’s death.

He was known as BJ to his family and friends at the University Academy in Kansas City. His former teachers said the suspects don’t know what they took away from them.

“He was just outgoing, comfortable in his own skin and comfortable around people,” said Troy Alldaffer, art teacher at University Academy.

“He embraced challenges, but at the same time he was lighthearted, loved to make kids laugh, made me laugh,” said George Jefferson, 4th grade teacher at University Academy. “We could joke back and forth. Just the type of student who lit up any room.”

Staff said that bright light was taken away from them when Henderson was killed last week.

“So many students are feeling the pain, so many staff are feeling the pain and so many families are just genuinely feeling the pain,” Principal Levette Amison said.

Some teachers FOX4 talked to were holding back tears, thinking about the life Henderson had ahead of him.

“Brian definitely wanted to be an athlete, and he was an athlete,” Jefferson said. “He had fun out there on the football field and playing basketball.”

The family has created a GoFundMe account for funeral expenses.