14-year-old Pembroke Hill student claims she was sexually assaulted at high school party

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police are investigating claims that a teenage girl was sexually assaulted at a house party in Kansas City, Mo.

The girl said several students from two of the metro’s most prestigious private schools, The Pembroke Hill School and Rockhurst High School, were at the party. She believes one of them sexually assaulted her, while his friends took video and pictures of it and then posted them to Snapchat and Instagram.

Police told Fox 4 they are pushing forward with this investigation, but no charges have been filed yet.

The girl's mother was willing to share her daughter’s account of what happened that night with Fox 4 under the condition of anonymity.

“I’m still in shock,” the mother said, “in warrior mode, a mother bear.”

She said it was devastating to hear her 14-year-old daughter tell her she believed a teenage boy sexually assaulted her at a house party.

“Her power was taken away, as was her innocence and her joy,” she said of her daughter.

The mother claimed it happened a few weeks ago on the night of Feb. 12th. Her daughter was with two other teenage girls, all of them Pembroke students. She said a male Pembroke classmate invited them to hang out with a group of boys from Rockhurst.

“They lure them in saying, you know, ‘We’re just getting together, we’re just going to watch movies, or pizza, or whatever,’” the mother said.

But she said when the girls got to the house, plans changed and shots were poured.

She said her daughter was drinking, and then asked for a soda. The girl said one boy handed her a soda can that was already opened. She remembered feeling dizzy, passing out and later waking up on the bathroom floor naked.

“How dare them,” the mother said. “And how she said that the last comment was, ‘You wanted it, that’s what girls want.’”

She said it got worse when some of her daughter's classmates saw the one of the boys post about it on Snapchat and Instagram.

“They photograph it,” the mother said. “Some have video-taped it, and what they do is they take a selfie of each other saying ‘V-card swiped’, emoticon ‘trophy’.”

Police are now investigating.

Fox 4 went to the house of the boy accused of the sexual assault. A woman answered the door and told us, “There are a lot of false rumors being spread” and she had no further comment.

But this mother is talking – and wants to warn other parents so their children never have to experience something like this.

“It’s going to change her for the rest of her life,” the mother said. “And that’s what I’m so angry and hurt about – that boys could take that from my daughter and they have no right to do that.”

Pembroke and Rockhurst had no comment. Both told Fox 4 they cannot talk about any situation involving minors.

But the mother who talked with Fox 4 said Pembroke has been very supportive of her daughter throughout this entire process.



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