18 Animals Left Behind After Kennel Owner Gets Scammed

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ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — An area kennel owner said he was the victim of a scam. He said the scammer stole close to $4,000 and left behind 18 mouths to feed.

Floyd Ball, who owns the kennel, said a guy dropped off 13 cats and five dogs for a stay. While he was at the kennel, Ball said the man noticed one of the kennel’s buildings needed some repairs and offered to his services. Ball paid him close to $4,000 and bought the building materials.

“He stuck around here for maybe a week,” Ball said. “He said he’d do all this work out here. I gave him some money, and he done went south.”

So now Ball is left with a hole in his wallet, a building still in need of repair and those 18 cats and dogs to feed. He’s working with police to try and find the man and he’s working with the community to try and find homes for the animals left behind.

Ball said several of the dogs were stolen, so he’s getting them back to their owners, but 10 cats still need to be adopted. If you’re interested, call the Evergreen Boarding Kennel at 816-667-5717.



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