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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s normally known for its whiskey and gin. Right now, it’s known for it’s hand sanitizer.

Cars lined up to pick up their pre-purchased J. Rieger hand sanitizer at Blade and Timber in Leawood’s Town Center Saturday. 

The ax throwing business is the only public distributor of that hand sanitizer. The two local companies have teamed up to keep the supply moving. 

Blade and Timber told FOX4 it has experience with online purchases. Their distribution capabilities frees up the distillery to focus on producing more hand sanitizer.

Blade and Timber handed out more than 2,000 units in two days, according to the company; 1,000 on Friday and 1,000 on Saturday. The cost is $32 for 2 liter bottles and $6 for 4 ounces of hand sanitizer.

This is all based on pre-purchased orders.  You can do that by going to this Blade and Timber website. The site is updated regularly as supply comes and goes.

There will be no on-site sales of hand sanitizer. Blade and Timber says it has established an email alert system to announce upcoming hand sanitizer supplies. In one night, it had 800 people sign up for the notifications.