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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County prosecutors filed charges Thursday against a 22-year-old Kansas City man in connection with the deaths of two men in their 50s.

Mario J. Markworth

Kansas City police found 56-year-old  Michael F. McLin and 52-year-old Kevin E. Waters dead near 9th and Topping off Winner Road just before 5:45 a.m. Tuesday.

According to charging documents, a witness came forward and told investigators they overheard Mario J. Markworth confess to killing both men.

The witness said they overheard Markworth say he killed McLin over a dispute involving drugs– McLin reportedly snatched a pipe from him and that made him mad.

Markworth also allegedly confessed to killing Waters because he believed Waters witnessed the death of McLin, according to the probable cause document.

When police arrested Markworth Wednesday, they found an axe with apparent blood on it and a debit card issued to McLin.

Court documents say Markworth later admitted to being in the area where both men were killed. He said he met up with McLin because they planned to have a romantic encounter. When McLin changed his mind and started to walk away, Markworth picked him up and dropped him on the pavement. McLin hit his head on Markworth’s axe.

Fearing that McLin would tell someone what had happened, Markworth struck him approximately four times in the head with the axe.

When Markworth went to get rid of McLin’s shoes, he noticed a man, Waters, hiding along the fence line who woke up due to the commotion.

Court documents say Markworth asked him, “Did you see that?” and Waters replied, “No, I’m just sleeping.”

Markworth allegedly then struck the man with the axe. When Waters tried to grab the axe, Markworth bit him, gained control of the axe then struck Water multiple times.

Markworth told investigators that he had never seen Waters before and that Waters had nothing to do with it. He added that he was raised in a Christian home and knows right from wrong and knows his actions were not right.

Markworth now faces two counts of second-degree murder and two counts of armed criminal action. He faces a $250,000 cash bond.