25 Personal Finance Tips For 2013

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2013 is here, and now is a perfect time for consumers to review their financial behaviors that could be prohibiting them from reaching their financial goals. “Start by taking a realistic look at your financial situation and what things you would like to improve,” states Jana Castanon spokesperson for Apprisen. “Then, review the following tips and try to incorporate a minimum of 5 into your routine. Once you are experiencing success with those, add a few more!!” Changing financial behaviors doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process, but you need to take the first step.


  • 1. Evaluate the cost of your current lifestyle
  • 2. Know your net worth – (Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth)
  • 3. Put your next pay raise towards your 401K
  • 4. Look in your refrigerator and cupboards for items you can use for meals before you go grocery shopping then…
  • 5. Plan your weekly food menu and shop with a list accordingly
  • 6. Make a list for the food you need at the store
  • 7. Donate your time or goods to charity; it may be a tax deduction, but will definitely make you feel good
  • 8. Make gifts instead of buying them
  • 9. Be a savvy shopper, do your homework to find coupons and sales before you leave the house
  • 10. Look for phone apps that can assist you in tracking expenses, coupons, financial tips, etc.
  • 11. Track every penny of you spend for two weeks
  • 12. Save your change
  • 13. Pull your free credit report at www.annualcreditreport.com and pay the nominal fee to check your score
  • 14. Change one spending behavior a week, and put that money you would have spent in your savings account
  • 15. Pay more than the minimum payment on your credit cards
  • 16. Take care of your own financial responsibilities before taking on those of others
  • 17. Give yourself a weekly cash allowance for food and entertainment
  • 18. Teach your children the difference between wants and needs
  • 19. Shop only with a specific purchase in mind
  • 20. Know the terms and conditions of every credit agreement before you sign them
  • 21. Refuse to pay bank fees!! Go only to network ATMs, and use a check register to record your account balance
  • 22. Subscribe to multiple coupon sites, but unsubscribe if you can’t turn down a good deal
  • 23. Cosign for a loan only if you are prepared to pay for it
  • 24. Recycle clothing through consignment shops
  • 25. Make an appointment for a no-cost initial consultation with a certified counselor at Apprisen if you don’t know where to start getting your finances on track

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