KANSAS CITY, Mo. — More than two dozen people have been charged in connection to a violent drug trafficking operation in the Kansas City metro. 

Anthony D. Harris, 40,  Latrell O. Dean, 19, and Seville S. Gardner, 37, are the latest defendants to be charged in a 112-count indictment unsealed by federal courts Thursday. 

In addition to Harris, Dean and Gardner, the indictment lists 24 other defendants from the Kansas City metro including: 

  • Kevin C. Cokes, also known as “Big K” and “Uncle,” 61, 
  • Mercedez M. Gardner, also known as “Twin,” 37,
  • November D. Gardner, also known as “October” and “Nuttie,” 24, 
  • Idella Gardner, also known as “Lupi,” 35, 
  • Delmar L. Hatcher, 52, 
  • Nathaniel B. Chapple, 25,
  • Treandre R. Walker, 25, 
  • Hazel M. Berymon, 65, 
  • Carlton L. Burns, also known as “Pooder,” 25, 
  • Christopher J. Hicks-Berry, 36, 
  • Kyeir C. Theus, 36, 
  • Tony L. Davis, 53, 
  • Michael R. Parks, 63,
  • Brian T. Boxly, 46,
  • Parris J. Walker, 28, 
  • Jachobette J. Gardner, 43, 
  • Reginald L. Mitchem, 43, 
  • Martell C. Cratch, 31, 
  • Matthew Rogers, 60, 
  • Gloria Hutchinson, 38, 
  • Eddie L. Nicholson, Jr., also known as “Junior,” 55, 
  • Toneisha R. Blackmon, 30, 
  • Shania N. Bailey, 24, 
  • Deone D. Gardner, also known as “Twin,” 29. 

The indictment alleges that 26 of the 27 defendants participated in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine, fentanyl and marijuana in Jackson County, Missouri. However, Harris and Gardner are the only two to be charged in the drug trafficking conspiracy. 

Cokes is charged with participating in a separate, but related conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

November Gardner and Deone Gardner have been charged with one count of conspiracy to tamper with a witness after they allegedly used physical force against an undercover agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to prevent the agent from testifying at their trial.

Various defendants are charged in two armed robbery conspiracy counts, three business robbery counts, 23 drug-trafficking counts, 30 counts related to illegally possessing firearms, one count of destroying a motor vehicle in a drive-by shooting and 50 counts of illegally using a telephone to facilitate a drug-trafficking conspiracy.

According to court documents, ATF began investigating the drug trafficking organization in April 2021. A year-long investigation led to the arrest of 25 of the defendants in March 2022.  

At the time of arrest, officers seized 27 firearms, 1,877 rounds of ammunition, more than 11.1 kilograms of marijuana, 300.9 grams of cocaine, 278.91 grams of other illegal drugs and $34,439 in cash.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Byron H. Black and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephanie C. Bradshaw.