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WICHITA — Seismographs recorded a 3.8 magnitude earthquake in south-central Kansas early Wednesday morning.

The quake was centered on the eastern side of Wichita, close to the Beech Factory Airport.

“We are not known for earthquakes this way, we are known for the tornadoes,” meteorologist Lisa Teachman said.

Teachman is a chief meteorologist for sister station KSNW in Wichita. She said she had gotten up right before the earthquake just after 5 a.m., and she felt the whole thing.

“It was actually one of the strongest and longest earthquakes that I have experienced since coming back home to Wichita, and I was born here, I was raised here,” Teachman said. “This one was literally where the windows and the doors are just rattling, and it’s almost like you can feel it coming from one direction, and then it just gets stronger and stronger and stronger.”

Wichita has experienced several recent earthquakes. One with a 3.7 magnitude happened just recently on Dec. 19, and was reportedly the strongest quake the area had experienced in at least five years. The one that happened today tops that.

She said she has felt several earthquakes before. Some are quick, some feel like a big truck rolling by, but this one was very sustained.

Teachman’s home didn’t experience any damage that she knows about. At the KSNW station, several cables were pulled out of their sockets due to the vibrations.

The threshold for damage usually starts at 4.0.

“This was one that even got the dogs up… this one was definitely nerve-wracking.”