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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Investigators said two people have died from injuries in a Northland house fire Wednesday morning.

Three other people who were inside the house at the time are hospitalized with burns and other related injuries.

Kansas City police did not release the ages of the victims who died, but neighbors who are friends of the family say two of the children lost their lives. Eleven-year-old Adrianna Achens and her grandmother said one of them was her best friend.

“He would always come to my house at like 10:30 every morning because he was bored. He had nothing to do and so he would play with me and my brother,” Achens said.

When the boy didn’t show up Wednesday morning, ”I looked out my window when I got up, and I saw a ton of smoke coming out of his house,” Achens said. “I just saw the flames, and it scared me.”

Achens and other panicked neighbors watched as firefighters entered the burning home and found the three children. Firefighters tried desperately to save the children on scene and they were transported to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

“He was funny and smart and really fun to hang out with,” Achens said of her best friend. “I miss him very much and I wish you and I wish he came to my house like he usually did.”

The fire department said all of the victims were found inside the home near Northwest 72nd Terrace and North Avalon Street around 11:10 a.m.

Emergency responders originally said the three children were critically injured. They were in the home with their father. The father suffered burns to his upper body and shoulder. Investigators said he is expected to survive.

They have not released the age or relationship of the fifth person who was injured in the fire at this time.

Fire investigators remain on the scene as they work to determine how the fire started.