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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Three vehicles reportedly got stuck in a high-water problem spot this morning as heavy rain fell in the KC metro.

The Kansas City Fire Department reported that two feet of water pooled under the bridge at Ninth Street and Hardesty Avenue on March 17. As three cars tried to drive through, they became immobilized.

FOX4 was at the scene just before 8 a.m. A picture shows one vehicle with water up to its taillights. Emergency crews and tow trucks worked to pull the people and their cars from the water.

Picture of flood water at 13th and Hardesty
Picture of flood water at Ninth and Hardesty. Three vehicles were stuck in 2 feet of water. Picture by FOX4’s Matt Kline.

Everyone got out safely, according to KCFD spokesman Jason Spreitzer. No injuries have been reported.

The National Weather Service urges anyone who comes across standing water to stay away. As little as 12 inches can float a car or small SUV, and as little as 18 inches can sweep away a bigger vehicle.

Flash flooding can happen during a downpour, where drainage systems are overwhelmed. If you can’t see the road under the water, it’s not safe to drive through.

Several Flood Warnings for counties across southern and mid-Missouri. Creeks and small rivers are especially expected to rise.

The Missouri Levee & Drainage District Association also issued a notice for the Missouri River. Water levels are expected to rise, possibly reaching flood stage, after significant rainfall across the nation.