3 North Kansas City nurses help deliver a baby high above the Pacific Ocean

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Three North Kansas City Hospital nurses sprang into action to help a passenger in labor on Wednesday, April 28. But unlike most births, this one was in an airplane.

Emily Shoell, a mother of six, said she noticed a woman who may have been pregnant just minutes before the flight to Hawaii departed.

“I just had a thought, ‘I wonder if she’s pregnant,’ do you know because she was kind of holding her stomach a little bit,” Shoell said.

She was. However, the woman, Lavinia Mounga, had no idea she was carrying a baby, or that she wouldn’t be for long.

Minutes later screams for help could be heard echoing throughout the cabin.

“Hey, get over here! Like, get over here now. Like come over here. Get over here,” Julia Hansen and Siearra Rowlan, passengers on the flight, remembered saying.

Three North Kansas City Nurses; Lani Bamfield, Amanda Beeding, and Mimi Ho were on a girl’s trip when they heard the cries for help. When they reached the bathroom, they found Lavinia holding Raymond Mounga, born at only 27 weeks old.

“So, I’m yelling, ‘Mimi, there’s a baby and its little.'” Bamfield, North Kansas City Hospital NICU nurse, said.

The three nurses made a makeshift oxygen tank using a shoestring to tie the cord. They got a nasal suction device from a passenger, put the baby skin to skin with Lavinia to keep him warm and used an Apple watch to pick up the baby’s heartbeat. 

They Monitored Lavinia and baby Raymond for three hours until they landed in Hawaii.

When the nurses visited Lavinia and Baby Raymond at Kapiolani Medical Center, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

“As soon as she started tearing up, we did,” Mimi Ho, North Kansas City Hospital NICU nurse, said. “She called us family, and like, the baby’s aunties, and it was just really sweet to just be able to see her again.”

Lavinia was discharged from the hospital. However, Raymond, is still receiving care.

Miraculously, Lavinia Mounga and baby Raymond Mounga are both doing well.

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