4-year-old making remarkable recovery after rottweiler attack in Lafayette County

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ODESSA, Mo. — A 4-year-old Odessa boy is making a remarkable recovery, after being attacked by his babysitter’s rottweiler.

The little guy has some powerful instincts that helped rescue him from danger.

Shiloh Thompson is a sweet and spunky young boy who loves superheroes. Talking to him, you’d never realize he nearly lost his leg just a few days ago.

Shiloh’s mom, Samantha, had dropped him and her 4-month-old baby girl off at a babysitter’s home in Odessa. While working, she got a gut-wrenching phone call.

“She told me he had been attacked by her family pet,” Samantha said.

A rottweiler had gotten Shiloh in its jaws and wouldn’t let go. His legs were left with deep gashes and puncture wounds.

“I just ran inside and grabbed him and waited for the ambulance,” Samantha said.

Samantha said she panicked at all the blood and was terrified the whole way to Children’s Mercy.

“I could hear him in the back, crying for me. And there’s nothing I could do,” Samantha said.

Doctors worried the injuries were so severe, Shiloh might lose his leg. His best bet was to get to the University of Kansas Hospital and meet with a vascular surgeon.

“He had notable bites on both of his legs and a very deep bite on his right leg that we knew based off some imaging performed, there was some problem getting blood to tips of his toes on his right foot,” said Dr. Travis Langer, University of Kansas Health System pediatric critical care division chief.

Surgeons were able to make intricate vessel repairs and restore blood flow to avoid amputation.

“He’ll still have his leg and that’s what’s important, he’s alive,” Samantha said.

Samantha is also grateful for her son’s instincts. After the dog let go, Shiloh ran and hid in a closet.

“If he didn’t, it could’ve gotten his face and chest and I don’t know if I would’ve had him,” Samantha said.

It’ll still take plenty of physical therapy for Shiloh to get back to being a typical 4-year-old.

The Thompsons are thankful for incredible family and community support and hope their near-tragedy will be a lesson for others.

“You’ve got to make sure your kids are taken care of and make sure the person you’re paying is watching your kids,” Samantha said.

Thankfully, little Shiloh might just have some superhero skills and is grateful to the doctors who saved him.

“Thank you!” Shiloh said.

The family is consulting with an attorney.

The rottweiler who attacked Shiloh has since been put down.

If you’d like to help the family, there’s a Go Fund Me page to help cover travel and medical expenses.

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