40th annual Ethnic Enrichment Festival makes a joyful noise at Swope Park

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The biggest cultural event to hit Kansas City is happening at Swope Park this weekend. 

“It’s where you want to be right now,” Tee Chandler said. “Me and my wife come every year, and if you’re not here you missed out!” 

The 40th annual Ethnic Enrichment Festival kicked off on Aug. 16, according to the Ethnic Enrichment Commission’s website.

Scottish bag pipes made the loudest celebratory noise on Saturday, and the array of food from different counties was most popular. Though the weather has been bad the past two nights in the metro, people still came by the thousands to celebrate this special weekend.

“I’ve been asked to perform with a Polynesian group,” Rob Gardner said. “It’s a great festival. They just had the festival of the flags showing all the wonderful countries where people have immigrated to the United States from.” 

Dozens of people walked people across the stage with their countries flag, greeting the audience in their native tongue. 

“We are all American,” Nour Raffik said. “But where we come from, keep that piece in you. It’s very important and that’s why we come here every year. The food is great and people are very interesting to talk to.” 

The Ethnic Festival wraps of this year’s festivities tomorrow at 9 p.m.

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