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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Heading into the 2022 midterm elections you’re begin to see a lot more political and campaign ads on TV and social media. Candidates will hold events and visit communities. They’ll also address key topics that are important to Americans.

It’s all part of a strategy every campaign builds around the effort to get a candidate elected.

Earlier this month, campaign strategy was on display when voters in Virginia elected Republican Glenn Youngkin as the state’s next Governor. Youngkin defeated Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat. The move comes after Democrats had won every statewide election since 2009.

Jeff Roe, the chief strategist for Youngkin’s campaign, joins FOX 4’s John Holt and The Kansas City Star’s Dave Helling to discuss political strategies and what we may see develop next year.

“The environment for the Democrats is very difficult right now for a variety of reasons,” Roe said. “But Secondly the race really came down to kitchen talk vs. national issues. Are you looking for kind of a national component? Are all politics still national or are all politics still local?”

Roe said that’s what Virginia’s Gubernatorial race really came down to. Roe said Youngkin’s campaign focused on their candidate, and his brand.

“I don’t think we can run knockoff candidates for office anymore. There’s only going to be one Barack Obama. There’s only one Donald Trump,” Roe said. “A lot of candidates try to knockoff the biggest campaigns and races. I just don’t think it’s working.”

Roe believes individual candidates matter, and should matter to voters. He said he expects to continue to see campaigns run on a candidate’s record and reputation, not just because the candidate is a Republican or a Democrat.

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