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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Seeking his second term as the Mayor/CEO of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, KS, incumbent David Alvey joined 4Star Politics hosts John Holt and Dave Helling to make his case for re-election.

Last week, challenger Tyrone Garner met with Holt and Helling, you can watch that episode of 4Star Politics here.

The conversation began by touching on developments regarding a federal grand jury investigation into former KCKPD Detective Roger Golubski, where Alvey says he’s limited in what he can say, but did mention that he’ll be interested in the investigation’s findings, specifically if they uncover any patterns that need further attention.

When asked about any trust issues between the community and KCKPD, Alvey said he knows it’s an issue, and one that’s built over time.

“It’s not just about trust with the police, it’s trust in the justice system itself. That extends to the courts, extends to the sheriff’s department, extends to the jail, extends to the district attorney’s office,” Alvey said.

He then went onto talk about a task force created in the wake of George Floyd’s death to listen to community perspectives and complaints.

“I’ve been very satisfied with the police’s community relations task force that was established upon the death of Mr. (George) Floyd… What we’re really looking for is are there any things, policies, practices, trainings, what might be missing or needs to be changed in order to make sure that what happened to Mr. Floyd in Minneapolis doesn’t happen here.”

The conversation continued with first responders, and Alvey’s explanation on why firefighters, who helped him win in 2017, are now supporting Garner.

Watch Alvey’s entire conversation where they touch on issues including property taxes, and potential ways to reduce them, broadening the tax base inside the county, and his approach to unification if elected to another term.