KANSAS CITY, Mo. — 4Star Politics continues featuring candidates set to run in August primaries to help you learn more about the candidates you decide to support.

This week’s guest is Missouri US Senate candidate Mark McCloskey, a Republican and attorney from the St. Louis area.

In the crowded Republican field, the candidates are working to set themselves apart.

“Everybody running as a Republican for virtually every office in this country is all on the same side of most of the issues. We’re all prolife. We’re all for energy independence and for reducing inflation and closing the border, and making our military respected and feared around the world,” McCloskey said. “So the thing that distinguishes is that I’ve never been a politician. I’m not behold to anybody.”

The candidate elected to represent Missouri has a battle to face following the election too. The economy and inflation will be issues every senator and representative will have to eventually face.

Former CEO and current author Greg Graves joins 4Star Politics in the second half of the show to share his thoughts on the economy and inflation.

Click on the video player at the top of the page to learn more about what Graves believes needs to happen to lower inflation.

You can also learn more about Mark McCloskey and his vision for his campaign and leading the country.

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