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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Five women give a cross-section of accusations against Roger Golubski, an ex-Kansas City, Kansas police detective.

Those stories coming together in a new 138-page lawsuit which accuses the Unified Government of Wyandotte County of permitting the abuse of its citizens.

Those close to the plaintiffs say the time for the lawsuit is ripe, telling FOX4 that criminal charges against Golubski were the catalyst, filed federally one year ago.

Those were criminal charges. The civil lawsuit filed Friday expands on the question of “who bears responsibility beyond Golubski?”

This lawsuit uses the stories of five women to illustrate that the situation goes beyond the former detective.

While Golubski is a named defendant, so is the Unified Government along with former Kansas City, Kansas police chiefs Thomas Dailey, Ronald Miller, James Swafford, and Terry Zeigler.

Zeigler is Golubski’s former partner, who defended himself on this issue before he left the department in 2019.

“A corrupt cop is going to cover his tracks and keep that hidden. And you have to remember the timing, I had just come out of internal affairs,” Zeigler said in a June 2019 interview.

Ophelia Williams, however, argues that co-workers, supervisors, and friends in government had to have known.

She is one of the five plaintiffs in the new lawsuit, chooses to be public about her story outlining years of rape, becoming a target after the arrests of her twin sons.

The first time, according to the lawsuit, “Golubski responded, ‘you’ll like it,’ and ‘it’ll only take a minute.'”

“During the rape, Golubski kept repeating that he could help her sons,” according to the lawsuit.

“I was numb. I was numb,” Williams said.

“I couldn’t tell the police. Because he told me if I told the police that he could kill me. He could take me off somewhere and put me somewhere where it would be a long time before somebody found me,” Williams said.

“And all the time he’s going around raping women, Black women, and nobody doing anything about it,” Williams said.

“I’m kind of scared when we go to court that I’ve got to relive it all over again,” she said.

Again, that’s just one of the women involved in this lawsuit.

The attorneys write in the lawsuit that they are pushing for a jury trial.

The Unified Government and KCK Police Department declined to comment, calling the lawsuit pending litigation.

To read the full lawsuit: view here