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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The little girl who was critically injured in a crash involving former Kansas City Chiefs coach Britt Reid is back home after more than two months in the hospital.

Tiffany Verhulst, who has been posting updates for Ariel Young’s family, shared the news Tuesday night, April 13, on the girl’s GoFundMe page. She wrote that her recovery is ongoing.

“Ariel is at home recovering,” Verhulst wrote. “We hope that her being in a familiar place will help her remember things.”

FOX4 learned the child was no longer at Children’s Mercy Hospital yesterday. Verhulst wrote that Young still faces health issues from the crash.

“She is doing physical therapy but as of right now she still cannot walk, talk or eat like a normal 5 year old,” she wrote. “Thank you everyone for your continued support.”

As of April 14, the family has received more than $570,000 in donations to the GoFundMe page as hospital bills continue. That’s up more than $20,000 from the day before.

Ariel was injured on Feb. 4, when Reid crashed into the back of the vehicle she was in while attempting to change lanes onto a ramp.

Reid, who was documented at work the night of the crash, had a blood alcohol content that was measured at .113 after the crash. Court documents also state he was driving 82 mph in a 65 mph zone.

He was charged with driving while intoxicated.