KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Five years is a long time to wait for justice.

One Kansas City mother still grieves her son’s unsolved murder while she pleads to the public for information that could lead to an arrest.

Tuesday marks five years since Keith Wasmer, 26, and his friend Michael Brewer, 29, were discovered dead inside the beach area at Longview Lake. Police reports show both men were shot. That was August 15, 2018. Thus far, there have been no arrests in this investigation.

Shannon Wasmer, Keith’s mother, believes the silence has been the hardest part.

“It’s been five years. Somebody knows something,” a tearful Wasmer said.

Reports from 2018 say both men had been missing for a week before their remains were found. FOX4 reported Wasmer and Brewer were visiting the lake area to meet another man.

“I really stuffed down the grief and didn’t deal with it. By the time I got to Mothers in Charge, it was killing me,” Shannon Wasmer said Tuesday.

Mothers in Charge organized a Tuesday evening rally at the lake’s beach area to revive awareness about this cold case.

Rosilyn Temple, that nonprofit’s director, lost her own son to a violent incident in 2011. Temple believes police investigators have been thorough, but without cooperation from the public, their efforts are limited.

“Five years is a long time to grieve and not know what has happened to your child. He was murdered out here, but there’s no answers and no one is in custody. Something is wrong with this community,” Temple said.

Keith Wasmer left behind four young children, all of whom are now living with other relatives. A Kansas City police spokesperson told FOX4 the earliest an update would be available would be Wednesday.

If you have information that can help police, please call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-8477. All calls are kept anonymous.