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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Taylor Swift is arguably the most popular singer in the world right now, and she’s stopping in Kansas City to perform for two nights only.

It takes 26 tractor-trailers to carry Taylor Swift’s stage and equipment across the country from concert to concert, along with 11 buses filled with the crew, stage managers and backup dancers.

She’s playing in 55 cities in 11 countries over eight months.

The 1989 tour is the fourth concert tour for the starlet who’s made quite a name for herself writing and performing her catchy hits.

Her tour began May 5th in Tokyo and it ends in December in Australia.

She’s playing in Kansas City Monday and Tuesday night and while it’s officially a sellout, you can still find tickets in the secondary market ranging from $120-to-$700.

The big question is, who does Taylor plan to bring on stage with her Monday and Tuesday night?

She’s brought on such stars as Julia Roberts, Ellen DeGeneres, and Justin Timberlake. Might she bring on a local favorite like Paul Rudd or Jason Sudekis? Or maybe singer Lorde who sings the song “Royal”, inspired by a picture of George Brett?

We’ll have to wait and see.

If you are going to her concert, there are a few rules: no professional photography, backpack, selfie sticks or signs with poles on them.

Items prohibited at the Taylor Swift concert.
Items prohibited at the Taylor Swift concert.

FOX 4 and Harrisonville, Mo. residents have been trying to capture Taylor’s attention to get her to meet 7-year-old Jordan Overcast while Taylor is in Kansas City.

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Jordan has a malignant brain tumor and her wish is to meet with Taylor when she is in town.

Taylor has met with many young fans during her tour, and we’ll let you know if a meeting with Jordan becomes a reality.

There is still time to help share Jordan’s story. Just use #TaylorMeetJordan on social media.

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