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OLATHE, Kan. — Hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money is confirmed missing from the Johnson County, Kansas Courthouse.

The county won’t confirm when or how much, but an inside source with knowledge of the investigation tells FOX4 it’s a sizeable amount, well over six or seven figures.

FOX4 is working to learn how the county lost track of this significant amount of money. The source close to the investigation also tells FOX4 the money was taken for a number of years all between 2010 and 2018.

According to a court administrator, federal authorities are now alerted.

Through the course of our investigation, FOX4 is learning a former account manager is the focus of the investigation, and other court clerks have also been investigated.

“There’s no reason for them not to be auditing and doing all the stuff they need to do, to make sure that money is going appropriately where it needs to go,” Boehm said.

“How does something happen like that and nobody notices?” Johnson County resident Reagan Lentz asked. “Were pretty shocked because we haven’t lived here long, really like Johnson County, that’s pretty shocking.”

Johnson County Court Administrator sent FOX4 the following statement: “Some time ago, accounting irregularities were discovered in the Johnson County District Court Clerk’s Office. Illegal activity could not be ruled out. The District Court, in conjunction with the Office of Judicial Administration, alerted federal authorities. Because this is an ongoing matter, it is inappropriate to make further comment.”

A spokesperson for the FBI said they can neither confirm or deny the existence of any investigation.

FOX4 attempted to contact to all six county commissioners and the county chairman, we are still waiting for responses and comments back.