6-year-old boy calls 911 to report that his dad ran a red light

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QUINCY, Mass. — A six-year-old boy in Massachusetts thinks he really knows his rules of the road. So much so that he called 911 to tattle on his dad for running a red light, WCVB reports.

The rules of the road are simple.

“When you see a yellow light you go slow, and then when it turns red you stop,” Robbie Richardson, 6, told WCVB.

Turns out, that was a lesson Robbie felt like he needed to teach his dad.

“911 this line’s recorded, what’s your emergency?” the dispatcher asked.

“Um, daddy went past a red light. It was in the brand new car, my mommy’s car,” WCVB reports Robbie told the dispatcher.

It was Saturday, Robbie and dad, Mike, were on their way home when they came to a red light. Mike stopped, then turned legally.

“And he says, ‘Dad you went through a red light,’ and I said, ‘Yeah you can turn on red,’ … ‘No you can’t that light’s red you stay there,’ He goes, ‘I’m calling the police.’”

True to his word, and unbeknownst to mom or dad, Robbie picked up the phone and dialed 911.

Mike Bowes, with almost two decades experience as a dispatcher, was on the other end.

“It’s actually one of the good ones because when a child calls you don’t know if it’s going to be the parents having a heart attack, they’re fighting,” Bowes told WCVB.

“I just kind of you know panicked for a second,” Mike told WCVB of the moment Robbie handed him the phone

“He just wanted us to know you ran a red light,” Bowes told Mike over the phone.

“Oh, no. I apologize,” Mike responded.

“No problem, as long as everything is all right,” the dispatcher told the dad.

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