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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — All a Kansas City family wants right now is an arrest in their loved one’s murder.

James Townsend, a businessman, was shot and killed six years ago around this time.

“It’s like everybody has forgotten about him,” Lois Lane, Townsend’s Daughter, said. “He was a pillar in this community.”

Townsend, the well-known owner of The Green Duck and community icon, died in a shooting in his back yard six years ago on Dec. 19.

“He’s gone and it’s like, ‘Oh well,’ and, ‘That can’t be,'” Lane said. “Somebody knows something, but we don’t know anything.”

Townsend’s family said the person or people responsible are still walking free.

“It’s kind of hard to say or be cool with y’all not doing nothing,” Leslie Leblance, Townsend’s granddaughter, said. “Like somebody was watching the street. Somebody saw it.”

James, or Jimmy as they called him, died two months after his birthday. He was 84 years old.

“On October the 27th the whole week he would have two whole pigs on the table and everybody from everywhere all across town came and ate free,” Lane said. “This went on five days in a row. He celebrated his birthday, and everybody ate free.”

Birthdays were a big deal for Townsend, but now his birthday brings pain.

Kansas City police said this case is still an open investigation and detectives could use any new information to solve the case.

Meanwhile, Townsend’s family is vowing his name and the legacy of compassion he left behind will never be forgotten.